Salt and Light

Tonight is Care Group and I have an object lesson to go with my bible study.  We’re studying the Sermon on the Mount and we are up to the part about salt and light. 

 Did you know there is more that one kind of salt?  There is table salt, course salt, iodized salt, kosher salt, celtic salt, dairy salt, rock salt, pickling salt, sea salt, fleur de gris, fleur de sal, sour salt, seasoned salt, popcorn salt, and colored salt.l  Each salt is used differently and has subtle differences in flavors.

 What kind of salt are you?  Maybe you are thin flakes of kosher salt.  Maybe you are sharp pickling salt.  Maybe you are celtic salt or fleur de sal.  Maybe you are just plain table salt. 

 Do you know what plain table salt can do?  You can soak out stains in linens, keep ants away from shelves, ease the descaling of fish, prevent salads from wilting, fluff up egg whites, clean a discolored coffee pot, enhance the tast of the same coffee or tea, kill weeds in your lawn, set fabric colors, clean and brighten teeth, soothe a sore throat, soothe mosquito bites or poison ivy rash.  And the list goes on!

 But what happens when you lose your flavor and salty qualities?  Then you are worth nothing in God’s kingdom but to be thrown out with the trash.  That expensive fleur de sal won’t be worth the money it cost.  It will be worthless. 

 So how do we keep our salty goodness going?

 Now let’s talk about light.  Light can be little more than a candle stub or a halogen flashlight.  Certain types of light can cure babies of jaundice and adults of some skin rashes.  Certain light spectrums can cure or alleviate seasonal affectve deppressive disorder.  Focused light can even do surgery.

 What kind of salt or light are you?  If you lose your saltiness or cover up your liight, what will the kingdom of God lose?  Even if you are the equivalent of a candle stub or ordinary table salt, you have a purpose and a job to do that no one else can do for you.


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