We’re Not On Strike……Yet

I happen to work in a Union shop and our contract expired at midnight.  We had already gotten our first strike duty lists last week.  Thank Goodness!!! we are  not on strike yet.  We will be working without a new contract while the negotiations continue.  I am very happy about this.  While I would have done my job had we (and if we do yet) gone on strike today, I am happier to keep working. 

The company I work for posted 12 BILLION in profits last year, then made a stupid 8 BILLION mistake that they want US to pay for in benefits, job security and pay.  Ummmm…….gosh……NO!!!!!  That is so much greed from the top.  There is simply no excuse in my mind for that. 

Ok, rant over.  I will be going to work as usual on Monday and I and my managers will be very happy.   Hubby will be happy too as we work at the same place.  Woo hoo!


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