The In-Between Week

I so dislike the in-between paychecks week.  Without fail, I come up with a new project, new recipe, new…..something and I don’t have th e money to do it for at least another week.  Grrrrr.

This in-between week is no different.  I want to make my own vanilla extract.  However, that requires ordering the vanilla beans (for the best prices) and waiting for them to arrive and waiting to purchase the vodka to distill them in. 

Then there’s the soap I want to make.  Before I can gather the, thankfully, simple ingredients I need to gather the equipment.  This means making trips to the various thrift stores in the area as I’m sure I won’t find everything I need at one place.  But, I have to wait for payday to even start.

The waiting chafes.  I’ve never been good at waiting.  Thank goodness I’m off on Friday and can get an early shopping start instead of waiting til after work.  I may survive til then.


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  1. becky3086
    Apr 04, 2012 @ 16:46:25

    I hate the in between weeks too. I have money in the account but I never feel like I can spend that much on the in-between weeks so usually my projects wait until the paycheck week too.


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