Little House in the Suburbs Book Review

My books came in yesterday and I have already devoured them both!  My brain is overflowing with ideas for projects and must-do’s.

Little House in the Suburbs would be an excellent addition to anyone’s homesteading library.  There are chapters on gardening, keeping chickens, goats, bees; recipes to stock your pantry, your cleaning cabinets and your bath cabinets.  There are even sections on building co-op and swap relationships.  It is absolutely chock full of information.

I have to say, there is a lot of information in the book that can be found on their website, however, it is bundled into a nice format and all in one location for use.  And, you don’t have to surf through the website to find that soap recipe you know is on there somewhere. It’s in the book!

Speaking of soap, I am completely psyched to try their soap recipe using just lard, lye and water.  How simple is that!  Most other soap recipes I have found call for expensive ingredients that you can only find online.  This recipe also only makes 20 oz of soap.  Perfect for a beginners batch.  It can even be molded in a potato chip can.  No need to buy expensive soap molds.  No need to be inundated with a bad batch if it doesn’t quite turn out right either. 

I will still be visiting their website regularly, but Little House in the Suburbs is a great book to have for beginners and seasoned homesteaders as well.

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