A Few Thoughts

Dealing with auto insurance after totalling a car can be so frustrating.  There are so many forms to sign and hoops to jump through.  We will be getting a good settlement, it’s just a matter of all those hoops to get through first.

DS has gotten into trouble in jail.  How do you do that?  Trust me….for him, not such a stretch.  Sigh.  I’m so over this.  It just needs to get done.

I’ve had a difficult day at work today and I’m really praying it is all straightened out by the time I get to work in the morning.  If not, I’m in for another stressful day and that’s never fun. I work for a company that has just really gotten too big for it’s britches.  There is no central spot for trouble calls, no central spot for maintenance issues, nothing central at all.  Finding the right person to help with a trouble is beyond frustrating.  It was much easier before we were purchased a  few years ago.  Before we had a central spot for maintenance and troubles and there was one number to call. Period.  Oh for the good ole days.

My two new books should be here tomorrow and I can’t wait.  I’m really looking forward to reading them and gleaning good information from them.

Hubby got the garden tilled up and fertilizer tilled in.  We are ready for planting, but it’s not time yet.  This time of year is really hard.  You want to get planting, but you just know if you do there’s going to be one more ridiculous snowfall.  DIL-to-be is attempting to grow bell peppers from seed.  I tend to kill plants in my house, but sinse she’s doing it maybe they’ll be ok.  Here’s hoping.  I really like bell peppers.

I’m really looking forward to planting some medicinal herbs this year.  I want to try my hand at making some salves and tinctures from my own herbs.  Still trying to decide what I want to grow for sure.   I know I want calendula and arnica if I can find it. 

I’m also wanting to make my own homemade vanilla.  I found a “recipe” for it and found vanilla beans on Amazon for a good price so maybe next paycheck I can get it started.  Buying real, unadulterated vanilla is incredibly expensive, but you can make it yourself far cheaper and you know exactly what is in it when you are done.  Can’t wait.

That’s it.  Just a few thoughts running around my head tonight.


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