Shopping Up A Storm

Yesterday was payday so, of course, it was also shopping day. I spent every penny, but I think I did a good job.  In fact, before I even left work I was shopping!  I instant messaged hubby ( we work at the same place) and told him I really wanted to purchase two books for my library and he needed to tell me not to spend the money.  Instead, he asked what two books I was wanting.  The first one is Survival Mom.  It’s a book on preparedness.  It looks like it would be beneficial.  There are so many books out on preparedness, it’s hard to know which ones would provide new and helpful information and which ones are just a rehash of things you already know.  The other book is Little House in the Suburbs.  It’s a book on gardening, raising chickens and other eco-skills.  I actually read the blog by the same name regularly. Imagine my surprise when hubby said to go for it!  Next break I had I was online and ordering.  I should have them next week.

After work it was off to Wallyworld and Sam’s.  Sam’s was for meat and some produce including two pounds of strawberries.  I’ve already got them sliced and sugared for strawberry shortcake tonight.  I’ll be serving beans, so I want a nice dessert to go with it.  I’m a biscuit shortcake person.  Are you? Sam’s also finally had my Cold Brew tea bags back in stock.  It’s like they think people only drink iced tea in the summer.  Ummm……Hello!  House Wine of the South here!!  I was glad to stock up.

Next up was Wallyworld.  Here’s where I spent the bulk of my money.  I concentrated on basics especially for baking – chocolate chips, shortening, sugar.  I also picked up a bag of Cuties and a bag of limes.  The Cuties are for eating and for saving the peels.  The limes are for limeade and also saving the peels.  I found a blog post on using leftover citrus peels to scent your vinegar  for cleaning.  I’m definately going to try it.  That along with my essential oils should make for one citrusy cleaner. The rest of my purchases were things like peanut butter, trash bags,  dried beans, sour cream and cottage cheese.  Just basics.

One other purchase I made this week really has me psyched.  I was in Walgreens to get a prescription filled and there in the  middle of the store in a bin were packages of ten microfiber washcloths.  I remembered a post from Little House in the Suburbs about not having to purchase swiffer mop pads anymore.  And the answer was these microfiber washcloths.  They were only $5 dollars which made them 50 cents a piece so I grabbed up a package.  Once I got them home I cut four of them in half and low and behold they fit the swiffer mop perfectly!  No more buying refills for me.  The post also included a tip for not having to purchase the cleaner, but I haven’t got that to work yet.  I just use my spray bottle on the floor and mop it up.  The extra good news is they also fit the swiffer sweeper.  Yay!  I’m so psyched when I can use a really helpful product for cheap. It’s a good feeling.

Hubby is off and running with cooking at church and the second Worship Intensive, so I plan on baking up a storm while the beans simmer today.  Can’t wait.


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