I’m Dreaming Of Three Rabbit Hutches…..

Ok, I suppose four would be better, but three would get me started.  I picked up a magazine Saturday all about raising rabbits in the backyard.  It had everything from choosing a breed to tanning the hides and everything in between.  It is definately a keeper.  Daddy had rabbits for awhile and it was cool although my mom didn’t seem too thrilled with it.  Sigh.  But I’m not at a point yet to put any rabbits in the backyard.  In fact, I think I make my hubby a little weird when I mention it.  His eyes tend to glaze over.  He’s fine with the garden (and in fact just found a really cool automatice timer for the watering of said garden), but anything else just makes him a little weird.  Oh well, I can always keep dreaming and planning so when he is ready I’ll be ready to implement my diabolical plans to urban homestead.  Hahahaha *key scary music here*.


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