Eye Doctor Update

The punctal snip that my opthamologist did, didn’t work.  So, he sent me to a specialist to see what he could do.  Off I went to a very ritzy part of town with absolutely no parking.  Ack!  I  had to call the doctors office to find out they had their own parking lot behind their building in the alley.  Thank goodness.  Otherwise I would have gone back to work and just walked the 5 miles. 

First off the doctor measured how many tears I actually produce.  Ha!  I’m not crazy….I really do produce more tears than normal.  Also, the oils in my tears are murky.  Yes, there are oils in your tears. 

So, for the next six weeks I am on a daily, fairly expensive, allergy eye drop and doing warm compresses every night.  I’m hoping these things work, but if not, the doctor can actually remove part of the tear producing gland.  Eeeew!  Not my first choice, but still a choice for the future.  I truly  hope I don’t have to make that choice, but looking like I’m crying all the time and carrying kleenex in my pocket all the time is ridiculous.  We’ll see what God has planned for the outcome.


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  1. Afton Whatoname
    Mar 04, 2013 @ 13:47:34

    Optometrists are ODs – they have medical training but are not physicians. They’re trained in diagnosing and treating many eye-related diseases. They’re more likely to focus on routine eye care and vision testing for glasses or contacts…

    Please do head to our very own online site


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