Random Thoughts

It’s been a difficult week this week.  From no sleep on Sunday night to having to work for two different groups at work, it has been a week.

DS pled guilty to one felony count this week.  It will take a while for his PSA to be completed and his next court date, for sentencing, is not for two more months. The judge, of course, had to give him a lecture about how horrible he is and how he’s such a flight risk and all that.  Sigh.  Ok, lets just do this and get it over with.  This is just the beginning of a very hard road for him.  I feel for him, but he has made his choices.

I downloaded some free books onto my computer, but now I can’t figure out how to get them onto my NOOK.  Grrr.  I don’t want to be limited to reading them on my computer, but the free book I got to tell me how to download them didn’t give me good instructions.  Or they weren’t complete.  One or the other. 

Tomorrow is my day to go to Barnes and Noble to download my free books.  Maybe I’ll ask the NOOK person if they know how to do it.  We’ll see.

I went back to the eye doctor and he has now referred me to a specialist.  My eyes have not gotten any better in the watering department.  In fact, I bought supposedly waterproof eyeshadow put it on over waterproof primer and it STILL washed off before 10:00 in the morning.  I am so over this.

I haven’t done anything frugal or homestead-y all week.  Well, I guess cooking was frugal.  We ate pretty frugal this week with no ordering out or anything.  Oh!  I did stock up on Cokes for the crew at an incredible price from Walgreens so I guess that was frugal.

I’m ready for the weekend.  I plan to sleep til at least 7 in the morning.  That’s sleeping in when you normally get up at 4:30. I’ll get my cleaning out of the way and get off to B&N early so I can get home early too.  I plan on being a little lazy whis weekend.

That’s it.  I’m done for now.  More later.


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