Cleaning Up

Last Wednesday I ordered some things from Vitacost and they arrived this morning!  I was not expecting them until next week.  I ordered 8 oz of castor oil to make my own oil face wash blend.  It’s supposed to be better for your skin, and even healing for it if you have breakouts or dry skin.  I’ve been using just baby oil and doing the method, but I’m looking forward to actually using a castor oil blend instead.  I’ll still have to wait til my next shopping day to get a squirt top container to mix the oils in. My face is definately clean and not breaking out from the use of the oil.  It’s also cheaper than buying face wash at the store…..unless you find my favorite facial cloths at the dollar store.  But even they make my face feel pretty dry after using them whereas the oil method doesn’t and that’s pretty important to me.

I also ordered three essential oils – sweet orange, grapefruit and tangerine.   They were an excellent price at Vitacost and saved me the gas and the time to try to find them in a store here.  My homemade vinegar/ammonia/water cleaner smells much nicer with the addition of the ols.  It doesn’t take much to make it smell wonderful, just a few drops really.  I almost want to go reclean my house so it will smell citrusy…..almost. I know I should probably be using lavender and tea tree oils instead for their disinfecting and cleaning properties, but truthfully I don’t like the way they smell.  I like the citrusy smell I have available now with my oils and I’ll be more prone to mix up and use my homemade cleaners if they smell as good as the store bought stuff.  Yes, the marketers of cleaning products have me hooked on scents for a clean house, I admit it.  But, I think I can beat them at their own game now. 

I did make it to Barnes and Noble and downloaded my free books, plus a couple 99 cent ones.  One of the 99 cent books was actually a set of 6 books in a series.  I love a deal like that. Before I left I went to the NOOK counter and asked the very nice gentleman if he could tell me how to download books from my computer to my NOOK.  He didn’t just tell me, he hooked my NOOK up to a laptop and showed me.  Then he showed me where they are stored on my NOOK which is not the regular B&N library, but is actually in My Documents.  Score!!!  More free books for me!   I love my NOOK.

I think I have definately “cleaned up” today.


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