Making Husbands Happy…..By Spending Money

I know that seems like an oxymoron, but stick with me here.

I love lip gloss and lipstick

In spite of my thrifty ways and in spite of the ways I want to become even more thrifty, sometimes you just have to spend money.  And not on necessities.  Well, unless you consider nail polish a necessity.  Which I do. And I’ve amassed quite the collection over the years.

My polish collection

See, years ago hubby made an off-the-cuff comment that stuck with me.  He said that too many women didn’t take care of their nails.  Huh.  Point taken.

A little later on in our marriage, he made it clear he wanted me to wear makeup even on Saturday…..even if all I was going to do was housework and hang out.  Again, point taken.

I used to sell Avon....can you tell?

Putting on makeup takes a mere 5 minutes for me.  Fixing my hair….another 5 and that includes the gel or mousse application.  Doing my nails can take upwards of two  hours depending on what brand of polish I’m using, but what else can you do watching Chopped on Food Network? And the polish usually lasts all week so it’s not like it’s an everyday thing. 

And guess what?  It makes my husband happy.  It’s an outward sign of my love, care and respect for his opinions.  This is a very good thing. 

I still try to be thrifty even in my makeup and nail polish buying, but I think it is money well-spent.

I realize not every husband has the same opinions as mine.  In fact, some don’t really care, or even like, makeup or nail polish or the other girly things.  However, in the daily grind of work, kids, (and for those of you blessed to have it) farm/homestead life we can get a little rusty in the appearance aspect of life.  Our husbands are visual creatures.  Are we showing him our very best?

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2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. becky3086
    Mar 14, 2012 @ 20:24:00

    Humm, I don’t like that type of attitude that you have to look “good” all the time. I am not on display for anyone and if he respects me, he won’t ask me to be.


    • heavensdaughter
      Mar 14, 2012 @ 23:37:56

      Oh my. No one would ever be so confused as to put me on “display”. Nope, but I can certainly take 5-10 minutes on a saturday morning and look a little better than my normal swamp-thing look in the mornings. It’s such a little thing to make him happy….why not do it?


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