Awesome Saturday

Today was busy and awesome!  We did some normal Saturday cleaning first, but I’ll get to that in a minute. 

We met some friends from church at Waffle House for a late breakfast/brunch before heading off to my first NHL Hockey game.  It was intense!  Our team won, but it took overtime and a shoot out to do it.  Whew!  I had a great time and I’m not really even a hockey fan.  It’s a lot different actually being there than just watching it on tv.

When we got home Ihad a nice surprise in the mail.  The book I ordered last week – Cheaper and Better – arrived.  I’ve already been through it and flagged all the recipes I want to re-try.  There are some really good cleaning recipes that I definately want to use.  I can’t wait.

Speaking of cleaning, this morning my hubby was cleaning the kitchen for me and grabbed the spray bottle I usually mix up orange scented all-purpose cleaner in.  Only this time it was diluted vinegar.  He used it all over the kitchen and even used it to mop the floor.  Now my kitchen floor is so clean it squeeks when you walk across it and it’s old linoleum.  He’s impressed that just vinegar and water worked so well. I think he’ll like the homemade cleaners I’m planning on mixing up.  Now I just need to find a good place to buy essential oils.  Vinegar works great, but doesn’t smell so wonderful.  I want to get some orange esential oil at least to make it smell better.

Time to start making my next shopping list already.


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