The Lazy Couponer Update

Thursday was the first time I was able to actually put the Lazy Couponer ideas to the test. Actually I started on Wednesday.  I had my list all ready to go and sat down to look up what coupons were available for what I needed to buy.  I probably spent 30 – 45 minutes on a coupon database finding all the coupons.  That’s a lot less time than I would have normally spent cutting out and filing all the coupons for the last two weeks. That’s about what the book says you’ll spend on couponing each week too.  I did tweak the method a little bit.  I did spend 5 – 10 minutes looking through all the coupons to see what was there.  There are some things I like to buy, but will only buy them on sale with a coupon – like the flavored cooking cream cheese. I didn’t do any stacking, but like I said before my stores are not really amenable to doing that here.  I think this method will be my prefered one for a little while at least.  I’ll keep doing it until it doesn’t work for me anyway. 

In line with my new austerity shopping and cooking, I made cookies from scratch last night. I didn’t have any chocolate chips so I decided to make vanilla cookies.  Not sugar cookies.  The dough didn’t need to be refreigerated….yay!  Anyway, I pulled out a really old cookbook I got when we first got married.

Mixed up the wet and dry ingredients

And made cookies. 

Ok they are more like cookie-bites cuz they are small cookies, but they are really good.  Not too sweet and just enough vanilla. Hubby liked them.  I’ll definately need to put chocolate chips on my next grocery list though.  And maybe butterscotch chips for some oatmeal scotchies.  Yum.


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