Migraines, Court and Shopping

It’s a migraine day again.  Grrrr.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t take my medicine for it.  It needs to be taken as soon as I realize I have a migraine and then I have to go to bed cause it totally knocks me out.  I had to be in court for my ds for moral support today so taking my meds was out of the question.  Once I finally got home I took a pain pill my hubby graciously left for me, but it was too late.  It barely touched the pain.  So, now I’m sitting here wondering what else I can to do get rid of the pain besides going to the emergency room.  That is a real option when they get this bad.  Hospitals have such lovely drugs for pain. Lol.

Court was a total waste of a day off from work.  The DA didn’t have their files in court so ds couldn’t plead today.  It’s been pushed back to next week.  Sheesh.

Anyway, since I was already off work and already had the migraine I decided to do my shopping a day early.  The money was in the bank so that wasn’t an issue and it means I don’t have to fight all the other friday shoppers.  I ended up with $27.05 left over after getting everything.  And that was even with only having $10 in coupons this time.  I even had a couple of splurges – like the bbq pork I have heating in the oven for dinner.  All-in-all I think I did pretty well.  The only pre-made items I bought were the bbq, 3 boxes of rice-a-roni, some chocolate cream chese, tater tots (for tater tot casserole), apple pie filling, crackers, and snack cakes.  Except for the tater tots, I probably have recipes for all the other items, but I don’t think I’m quite up to the challenge of them just yet.  I’ll get there.  I need to to keep getting the grocery bill down so we can get rid of the bills that are hanging over us.  Plus, cooking things from scratch is just better for us.  I may even try to make bread again.  I could make bread like crazy at sea level, but now that we are way above it I just haven’t been able to master it so I gave it up.  I think I’m ready to try it again.

Ok, need to find pain killers…….more later.


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