An Ordinary Day?

Today feels like such an ordinary day I hesitate to even post about it.  It was a get-up-go-to-work-come-home kind of day. 

I’m even serving an ordinary meal for dinner.  Pork chunks and gravy over mashed potatoes with corn.

Chop up leftover pork roast and brown with onions.

Then add a lovely brown gravy.


Yep, an ordinary day. 

Except not really.

DS is going to accept the plea deal he has been offered on Thursday and wants us to be in court for moral support.  This is going to be a huge thing in his life for the rest of his life.  It is an agonizing decision for him and for us as well. His lawyer is expecting the judge to give him a long probation, but one can never tell if a judge is having a bad day or just takes a disliking to you.  Yep, that’s justice in this country…..the whim of a judge.  Except, I serve a mighty God who has the heart of all judges in his very capable hands.

Saturday was certainly not an ordinary day.  DIL-to-be wrecked the car.

Fortunately, even with spinning the car and banging her head on the steering wheel a couple of times she is ok.  The car, however, is probably totalled.

I guess my life isn’t as “ordinary” some days as I think.


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