A Quick Shopping Trip and Grease Candle Update

It’s the off week for shopping, but I couldn’t pass up running to Wallyworld for a few things.  First up, sheets were on sale for $5 each.  All our sheets are at least 10 years old and kinda see-through from use.  I figured I could afford $20.  They are only 200 thread count, but that’s what we’re used to anyway.  I did get some nice colors though.

Then I grabbed three large food storage containers.  I’m tired of flour and cornmeal perching precariously on my shelves, just waiting for an unsuspecting someone to jostle them just right.  So, I took care of that.  I have an extra one that will probably be used for sugar.

I’m working on the cooking grease candles tonight and should have them ready to go tomorrow.  The process is pretty easy, I’m just not sure it’s going to work out the way I want it to.  It really smells bad and I’m not sure even essential oils can cover up the yuck.  But, I still want to try the process and then experiment from there if it actually works.  I’ll post pictures and a write-up tomorrow.

Tomorrow is also  my day to run up to Barnes and Noble to download all my new free books.  Yay!  I love free. I may have to swing by Sam’s and pick up another box or two of page protectors.  Hubby uses them for his Worship music binders and I’ve decided I need some for my Homestead binder as well.  We’ll see if I have time for that or if I’ll just wait for next week’s regular shopping day.  This shopping on the off week is really not good for the debt-reduction plan, but sometimes you just gotta.


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