Migraine and Research

Today was a migraine day.  I wake up with migraines which truly stinks.  Thank goodness for FMLA or I would not have a job.  I crawled back into bed at 5:30 this morning and slept til 1:00.  Thankfully my headache is gone.

Last night I did  a little research.  I hate wasting things so I went looking for other uses for used cooking grease.  Now I know what to do with leftover bacon grease, but what about the grease from browning ground meat or frying chicken?  Normally I just pour it into an empty coffee can and throw the can away when it is full.  It just seems like a waste though.  So, off to Google-land I went.

I already knew I could make soap with leftover grease so I skipped those entries as I’m not in a position to be making soap just yet.  And then I hit paydirt!  I found an article on E-How about making candles with tallow.  Well, leftover cooking grease could technically be called tallow so I read on.  The article described how to make a jar candle from leftover tallow.  First you have to clean the tallow (which you would have to do if you are using leftover grease), then you make a wick from a piece of papertowel and pour the melted grease (tallow) into the jar around the wick.  Voila!  A jar candle from stuff you would normally throw away! 

Ok, so I’ve read that tallow candles have a not so pretty smell so maybe I could experiment with scents or something, but just the original idea really stoked me.  I can’t wait til I can try it out for myself and see how it works.  I printed out the directions and put it into my Custom Homestead binder for later reference. This could be something for my prep work too.  Having a source of light ready to go would be a good thing even if it doesn’t smell so nice.


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