Worship Intensive Part 1

Today was the first session of a Worship Intensive study for the worship team at church.  Sinse hubby plays bass on the worship team he had to be there and spouses were invted too so I went with him.  The intensive was taught by Mary Jean Powers of Get The Word Out ( you can google it and find some awesome info on what she does) and was as usual amazing.  I’ve attended other intensives she’s done and have always come away encouraged and challenged in my walk with God.

Today the mountains looked beautiful.  You’ll have to click on the picture to really see them as my camera does not have a zoom.

We were at a small church about 20 minutes up the freeway.

We somehow managed to separate ourselves mostly into a guy side and a mixed side.  Not sure how that happened really.

We had some amazing corporate worship time.

And some amazing teaching.

Did you know that the definition of worship is “to declare the worth”?  I didn’t.  So whatever you “declare the worth” of you worship.  I’d say we need to be aware of what we are valuing and declaring worthy and be sure it is acceptable to God. 

There was so much information shared I can’t possibly put it all into words right now.  Suffice it to say, it was a day well spent.  And we get to do it again next month.  Yay!


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