The Lazy Couponer Book Review

I’ve had The Lazy Couponer  by Jamie Chase for about a week now and read it in two days.  When I bought it I really wasn’t sure if I would glean any new information out of it or not.  Her couponing method is to not clip any coupons until just before she walks out the door to the store.  She makes use of grocery lists and coupon databases to get her sales and keep her costs down.  She is very much an advocate of stacking.  Stacking is using multiple coupons to bring down the overall price tag of what you are buying.  There are a good number of “scenarios” for stacking in the book which is good for me to get me thinking more along those lines.  However, where I live the grocery stores are not much into the stacking ability.  The drugstores in the area are amenable to doing stacking because they have both store and manufacturer coupon usage so I will definately be paying more attention to them for things other than drugs and health and beauty.  But for me, there’s not much stacking capability at any of the grocery stores. 

One thing I am trying out is her method (and a frequent method of couponers) of not clipping coupons from the inserts until you are ready to shop and then only clipping the ones you know you need and will use.  I purchased an expanding file on my grocery trip friday to facilitate holding on to the inserts each week.  I have filed this weeks insert and my newest All You magazine.  I gotta tell you though, it is just about killing me not to cut out all the coupons. I know her way will be a time savings, but we’ll see if it actually works for me.  I’m willing to spend the money on the accordian file to give it a shot anyway.

One thing I don’t necessarily agree with is her assertion that you don’t need a stockpile.  Although I understand her reasoning, I live in snow country and it is just a good idea to have at least a small  stockpile of things to get you through the few days a blizzard can disrupt. There are other reasons I want a stockpile, but they have nothing to do with couponing.

Overall, I didn’t get a lot of new ideas, but I did get the motivation to try a different method and really look at my sales flyers each week to glean the very best deals I can get.

If you are new to couponing I would definately recommend this book.  It is one of several I would recommend to new couponers.  If you are an old-hat at couponing, you may already know her methods, but it might still be a good book to check out of your library if you can find it there.

I’ll keep you posted on how her method of non-clipping works out for me.

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