Shopping and African Chicken

Today was shopping day again and I am pooped.  I hit three stores this evening.  I started at King Sooper where I spent $38 and saved $29 on sales and coupons.  Next up was Wallyworld where I spent the majority of my money.  I spent $179 and saved $9 with coupons.  Last was Sam’s for meat and cigarettes.  Not counting the cigarettes (which is another budget entry) I spent $235 total, $5 less than my budget.  Out of that I also bought printer ink, a 2 inch binder, binder dividers, an accordian file and an All You magazine so my actual food costs were only around $200.  Not bad for two weeks of food for four adults.

Now I’m home and pooped and it’s kind of late so hubby suggested his new favorite dinner – African Chicken.


1 large can chicken or 2 cups cooked chopped chicken


1/2 cup peanut butter

2 cups water


3 tbsp chicken gravy mix


1/2 cup dried onion or 1 whole onion chopped


Nice sized gurgle of hot sauce to taste


1 cup uncooked rice

Cook one cup of rice in two cups of water til done.  Meanwhile, combine chicken, water, peanut butter, onion, gravy mix and hot sauce in pot.  Stir to combine well and simmer til thickened and heated through.  Serve over rice.


The original recipe for this came from The 90 Day Pantry, but I’ve tweaked it to our tastes.  Hubby loves it.  DIL-to-be adds soy sauce to make it more Thai than African, but it works.


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