Living in the Dash

If you walk through any cemetary and read the headstones, you will see a pattern.  On every headstone where there is actually someone buried,you will see a birth date and a death date.  Every time.  But there is also something else there.  It’s the dash between the dates.  That little dash represents your life.  Your whole life.  All of it.

At church today, the Pastor talked about that dash.  He was in James chapter 4.  How we live that little dash is important.  It’s important to do it God’s way and not our way.  Every time we plan to do something without consulting God first, we end up losing out.  Why?  Because we are not living our life the way God wants us to live it. 

We need to live abundantly.  We need to live as if today is our last day.  We need to live as it if matters what we do, because it does matter.  It matters to God.  So, we need to live the way He wants us to live.  When we do that we will have so much more abundant life, so much more life in general. 

We only have a short time on earth.  We need to make it count.  We need to make it count for God. 

Live in the Dash.


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