Typical Saturday

It’s a typical Saturday around here today.  I got up around 8, did my hair, did my makeup, got dressed.  Then it was time for chores.  I did the dishes and picked up while my hubby swept and mopped the kitchen and laundry room and vacuumed the livingroom.  After that, he sat down to play some online golf with his buddies and I went off to do errands.

Today was my day to go to Barnes and Noble and download all the books I’ve “purchased”.  All but one were free books so I just had to download them all.   I rarely purchase a book that actually costs money.  I wait for them to go on sale or have a coupon or something.  However, I really wanted to read The Sexperiment  so I did pay for that.  I sat at the store drinking my frappacino and read the first two chapters already. 

I made myself get up and get moving or I would have stayed and read for a lot longer.  I grabbed one of my favorite magazines and then walked over to Michael’s.  Every year for the Women’s Retreat we have Goodie Bags for the ladies.  This year is no different and I needed to pick up some notepads/journals for the bags.  I just happened to find some cute ones on sale for $1 a piece.  Score!  I love that.

Then I walked down to Target and picked up another cat litter box and some new socks for me.  Boring yes, but necessary.

Here are some of the other things going in our goodie bags this year.  Out theme is Women – God’s Secret Weapon so we are going camo.  Our bag is camo and then we also have a bandana, a kickball, a rubber bracelet with different military sayings, and a compass/keychain.  We’ll also have pens and pencils, earplugs, nail files, kleenex, gum and candy in the bags.  They’re always well received and so handy for the retreat.


Now I’ve got black-eyed peas cooking on the stove with a whole chopped onion, four chopped cloves of garlic, two bay leaves, a couple dashes of ground cayenne, and a pound of pork neck bones.  Yum.  I’ll fry up some potatoes to go with them later.

Pretty typical day for us.


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