Book Order

Today was a complete bust at work.  The one system I needed to do my work was not coming up for me.  I put in a call to the help desk at 6:30 this morning and by 2:30, they still had not called me back.  So I sat for 8 hours with nothing to do.  So, I surfed through Barnes and Noble and decided to order two books off my wishlist.  The first one is a real book, called The Lazy Couponer.   It should be here in a few days.  Hopefully, I will learn some new tricks for my couponing.  The other one  is an e-book called The Sexperiment.I will download it tomorrow when I go to Barnes and Noble.  It’s written by a Pastor and his wife and it’s supposed to be about building intimacy, both physical and non-physical, in a marriage. I’ll post a review of them once I finish reading them. 

I have other posts planned, but right now I think it’s time for a post-dinner nap before the good shows come on.  More later.


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