A few weeks ago, I had a little disposable income available and I really wanted some new clothes.  Now, normally I would have gone to my favorite discount department store and been totally bummed because they didn’t have anything that fit me that I was willing to spend money on.  However, I had recently gone to another store with dil-to-be and promptly fell in love.  What store did we go to?  Gordmans!

So, on my recent clothes shopping foray I went to Gordmans and man oh man did I score!  They were having a 50% off of clearance sale, plus I had a 15% off coupon.  I found three pairs of jeans (that fit me except needing to be hemmed), four shirts, one purse, makeup, and a set of bracelets.  Total price for all items was over $400!  Pick yourself up….I did NOT spend that much.  So how much did I spend?  A mere $63.  I couldn’t have done that at my favorite discount department store even if I had found items I wanted.  I was psyched!!! And everything I bought is stylish, not frumpy which is a hazard when shopping in my sizes. 

I love shopping when I can walk away with things I want and not pay full retail for them.


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