Jewelry Storage

I have a lot of jewelry.  Most of it is costume.  Some of it is very nice costume jewelry.  The problem is storage.  There are a lot of storage options, but if I don’t see something I tend not to use it.  I wanted some way of storing my jewelry that would allow me to see it and thus actually wear it.  I hung several of my necklaces on the wall by my dresser which helped tremendously.

However, how to store and show my earrings?  I thought about it, I did searches on it and finally found this on Amazon.  It holds all my earrings and sinse I bought a second one, I can put S hooks in the bottom holes and hang more of my necklaces.

I love this.  It gives me my earrings right out where I can see them and actually use them instead of wearing the same earrings everyday.

So how do you store your jewelry?


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