Blogs I Read

I realized something the other day as I was surfing along the Net.  I live vicariously through the blogs I read.  I kind of startled me to realize that.  See, most of the blogs I read are written by women who have larger families, live on farms, live off grid, wear skirts a lot, head cover, can much of their food, are involved in emergency preparedness, are stay-at-home-moms…..etc.  Things that are totally NOT me.  In fact, were we to meet in person we would probably have nothing in common except our faith in Christ.  And for a few of them, not even that. 

I love the idea of being at home, of growing a large garden, of having small livestock or even larger livestock, of canning and drying most of my family’s food, of making most of my cleaning products, of having a large family.  But, at this stage of my life very little of that is possible for me.  I work outside the home and myhusband would think I was crazy if I said I wanted to quit and stay home.  I have a very good job with incredible benefits.  And, I like my job.  But the lure of staying home and being more “feminine” and more “domestic” is still  there.  I probably would fail miserably at it, but it is still a dream I harbor.

So, for now I will enjoy my mommy-blogs, and preparedness-blogs, and farm-blogs until God intervenes or takes me home where I can have my dreams.


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