Random Things

I started back on my couponing.  It’s been such a bad time that I even stopped doing my couponing.  However, my stash is finally down to the dregs and I need to get back in gear.  Only a couple weeks of coupons so far, but working on it.  Now if I can just get my online coupons to print.  I load and load the silly printer, and they just will not print. 

Tonight I made a cream sauce for the very first time!  I know.  How simple.  Not for me.  It’s a bit like making flour gravy and I stink at that.  However, this was incredibly easy.  I am making tuna casserole for dinner and my recipe calls for cream of mushroom soup.  Don’t have any.  So, I grab the butter, flour, milk, baggie of frozen mushrooms and make my own.  I’m impressed.

It looks like my next trip planning exercise will be for a trip to Israel.  However, this time we will probably take a guided tour complete with 60 other Americans on a tour bus.  Sigh.  But, it’s really a better way to do Israel in my opinion, for us at least.  The limiting factor is going to be cost.  Oh. My. Goodness.  Almost twice as much as our trip to Scotland.  There is something to be said for staying in lower end hotels and eating at local eateries.  All the tours stay in 5 star hotels and eat in more upscale restaurants.  Not really my cup of tea, but there it is. 

I’m doing the Women’s Retreat again this year.  I’m not sure they will let me step down from it any time soon now.  This is the fourth year I’m doing it.  I hope they like the changes we are making.  We try to change up something each year, but after last year’s raging success, I hope this year is as good.  Pray for me.

Not back in school yet and probably won’t be for the forseeable future.  I tried to go to Metro, but they are NOT working student friendly.  Not enough online classes and having to actually go to the school, make an appointment, and come back to get registered.  Um….no.  I think not.  So, my next option is online schools or the local Christian college.  All those options are good, but twice as expensive.  My company can only reimburse me so much before it’s taxable income and I’m not sure they will go over the non-taxable limit anyway.  That means only about 4 classes a year.  Yep.  A year,  not a semester.  Plus, with things still so up in the air with court and all, I probably will wait.  I still want to finish my degree, but it’ll wait.

I moved to a new group at work.  It’s still in Asset Recovery, it’s just a different group doing different work.  I like it, but wow is there ever a learning curve. 

That’s it for now. 



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