I’m Baaaaaaack!!! Part 2

Ok, have you picked yourself up off the floor yet? Cuz there’s more.

The detective kept asking where my son was. He was actually off getting his girlfriends daughter to babysit for awhile. We were told to get ourselves off to the police station for interviews – after they took off the handcuffs of course. My son showed up a little while later having been to the house and told to come to the police station. We were all interviewed and once the cops were done with our house we were allowed to go home. Needless to say there was no sleep had that night.

My husband was distraught. Even a hint of anything like this and we would both lose our jobs immediately. Any charges, didn’t matter if we were later found innocent, but any charges would be a deathblow to our jobs. For a man, that is a horrible thing to contemplate.

Ok, I’ll make the last six months a short story. Just before Christmas my son was charged and is now sitting in jail waiting for his trial and/or plea deal. Our computers were returned to my husband and myself once they were found to be clean.

My ex-dil was informed of what had happened by an ex-friend who also told her lies her poor-excuse-for-a-paralegal friend supposedly dug up (like our name is really an alias……really?!). All physical contact with our granddaughters was cut off immediately. Witch. Both of them. Wait, all three of them.

The ex-friends daughter is now living with us and engaged to my son. The ex-friend called Social Services on her own daughter and had her granddaughter taken away. Again…..witch. I’m working on forgiveness, but right now I hope she chokes on her decisions.

My marriage, which had been teetering on the brink of …..something……has been greatly healed. My husband repented of his treatment of me and I was able to completely forgive him for it. Truly. Completely. Absolutely. Is our marriage perfect now? Hardly. But, I don’t wake up each day wondering if I will still be married by nightfall.

My husband has taken to praying with me and over me and reading his bible and daily devotional. I am in a word…..impressed. He has made a huge turnaround. I am very proud of him.

There is of course more to come. The court battle is ongoing at the moment. I’ve made some changes in my own life in the past six months. I’ll be back with more to tell.


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