I’m Baaaaaaack!!!!! Part 1

Yes, it’s been well over a year, but I am back.  To be quite honest, the last year and a half or so has been completely hellatious and I wasn’t able to write about it.  I think I can now.  I’ll warn you….it’s not pretty and may even spark some ugliness in any readers.  I’ll take my chances.  It’s my life.

I’ll start with what you already know.  My son got divorced.  He lost custody of his two girls.  For over a year their mother let us see them on Sundays.  Free babysitting.  Then, the most hideous things happened and we have not seen them in six months. 

During the divorce, ex-DIL got a restraining order.  My son consistently didn’t read it and kept getting in trouble for not abiding by it.  He was put on probation for a year for domestic violence (yeah right….a text is soooooooo scary!).  He didn’t do well.  Then almost a year later, his probation was extended.  We are still waiting for the end consequences of that. 

Ok.  Sit down.  Grab on to something.  This is where it starts to get interesting.

On June 22, 2011 at approximately 6 p.m., as I was cooking dinner, my dog Maya started barking at the back door.  This is not really unusual as she barks at the changing seasons, but this time the bark was different.  She was SERIOUS!!!  I glanced toward the back door and see through the window, several figures all in black with facemasks.  One of them reaches to open the back door screen (the back door was actually standing open).  It was probably only a split second, but I just stood there looking at them wondering if some of my son’s friends were playing a joke.  At that moment, from the front of the house I hear….Bam Bam, Bam…Police! Search Warrant! Open the door!  I literally spun on my heal and headed for the front door.  Now, my house is not very big.  It’s really only about 15 steps from the stove to the front door.  Again, …Bam Bam, Bam…Police! Search Warrant! Open the door!  This time I’m probably at the edge of the living room.  Once more…Bam Bam, Bam…Police! Search Warrant! Open the door!  As my hand is reaching for the lock on the front door it is blown open by battering ram weilding SWAT officers.  It just about hit me in the face.  The officers immediately start screaming for me to get on the floor.  Hah!  Not a chance.  Not only can I not physically do that easily, but there is no room at that spot for me to do that without getting stepped on.  So, I opt for sitting on the couch instead.  One step and a spin.  Six or seven officers file into my tiny living room and fan out to the back of the house.  Yeah, all of what…..10 feet further back.  Anyway, somehow in all of this my husband has gotten up from his computer in the back room and made it into the kitchen where the other SWAT officers had come in from the back door.  After the “all clear” is sounded I am ordered to stand up with my hands behind my back and am handcuffed then sat back down on the couch.  My husband is handcuffed in the kitchen and brough into the living room to it on the love seat acoss from me.  A detective comes in and asks if we are who we are.  Then he says he has a search warrant for our computers because someone in our houseas been uploading and downloading ….wait for it……child pornography.  Stunned does not even begin to describe my reaction.  In the few moments when my brain was trying to process what was going on I thought they had the wrong house, that they thought we were dealing drugs, or that we were growing something off in the garden.  Child pornography was not anywhere on the radar.

Ok….that’s it for now.  Oh, yes, there’s much more, but I’ll write tomorrow.





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