Lap Band Day 6

I have to say that this surgery recovery has been the easiest of any of my surgeries.  The pain decreased daily until today when I am trying to cope with just extra strength tylenol.  So far so good.

Hubby took me to Wallyworld today to get a few things.  It was a little rough due to weakness.  Less than 1000 calories a day will do that to you. 

The good news is I’m already 12 pounds down.  Yay.  I am sooooo ready for the mushy food weeks.  I’m so over yogurt and protein shakes.  Gag.  One more week of that and then I will INSIST that hubby get my pintos and cheese from Taco Bell.  I am so looking forward to that. 

Tomorrow we try church.  Not sure I’ll do terribly well, but we’re gonna give it a good shot anyway. 

On a short side note…..Blind Side is an excellent movie.  Sandra Bullock deserved her Oscar.  She kinda reminded me of my Aunt Jerrie…..with boatloads of money.


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