Catching Up January

I haven’t written in a while mainly because life totally sucks right now.  I made a promise to myself when I started this blog that I wouldn’t allow it to deteriorate into nothng but whining.  However, I suppose a few whining posts are ok. 

My life right now is consumed with my son’s divorce, my upcoming surgery, and my granddaughters.  The first is horrendous and ugly and involves court processes that should NEVER have been involved.  The second is exciting and I can’t wait.  The last is always a joy.  How sad is it that the first outweighs the other two in renting space in my head? 

God is teaching me many things through this.  Not all things I have wanted to learn, but He is doing it anyway.  And I  know I need it.  But, I’m really good at throwing two-year-old tantrums about it all.  Just ask my husband.

I’m looking forward to the stress being over with.  Sigh.  I hope it goes soon , cuz I’d rather dwell on the fun stuff like……getting my ears pierced a third time this weekend to celebrate going ahead with my surgery.  Can’t wait.  Pain and all, I can’t wait.

That’s it for now.  Looking forward to happier posts soon.


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