Pet Peeve

I love surfing the Net and finding interesting blogs to read.  I love clicking on links from other people’s blogs to find new blogs to love.  I love music.  Lots of different kinds of music.

What I don’t like is music on blogs.  Seriously people.  Is it really necessary to share your particular likes in music with the world.  And give the world no choice but to scroll down your ENTIRE blog page to find the music box and turn it off. And then EVERY page being clicked on having to the very same thing again?

Quite honestly, it bears considering.  Now, I have my headphones plugged in all the time on my computer, but what about people who don’t?  They click on your blog and are blasted with music.  What if they are surfing through your blog in the middle of the night while the rest of the house is sleeping?  You have now just woken up their sleeping baby with your music.  How rude!

Ok, I guess I’ll getoff my soap box, but anyone surfing through here…..Turn Off The Music!!!


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