Bah and Humbug

I really dislike Christmas.  I dislike having to shop for people who truly don’t need any thing and try to find some one thing they may actually want.  This is not one of my spiritual gifts….EVER.  I hate trying to come with a list for hubby.  He expects that I will have bling on my list.  Bling is nice.  I won’t turn down bling.  But….I most certainly  don’t need bling.  Plus he won’t shop online.  No, it’s braving the malls for him.  Crazy man.

I thought I had this covered last year.  I had figured out that hubby is aaaalllll about Christmas.  It had to be done right.  So, last year I bought new sparkly ornaments and trimmings and had a blue and silver decorated tree with matching wrapped gifts underneath complete with bows.  I even made sure to stock up on the items for this year’s color scheme.  And now It’s the second week of December and the tree sn’t even out of the shed.  I have no idea where we put the box of ornaments.  And I  have yet to purchase a “real” Christmas present for anyone. 

I need a few more weeks to go before Christmas.  Maybe that would be enought time to get my act together.  I’m not totally bummed or angry or angsting or anything.  But I am….bleh.  There is no spirit here.  No commercial or otherwise.  I need help!


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