Snow, snow go away. Snow more lightly another day.

The drive into work today was not too bad really except the card readers iced over and people had trouble getting into the parking lot.  Getting home was a bit more problematic.  Getting the groceries out of the carand into the house was …interesting.  i had snow up to my knees from the driveway and hubby had even shoveled a small path for me. 

 A little bit ago I looked out the back window and realized both lights trained on the driveway were on…they are motion sensored.  I saw somthing small go around the back of my truck so I went outside to investigate. It was a medium sized black lab.  I called to it to get it to come to me.  It had a collarso I hped it had a tag on the collar, but he/she wouldn’t come close enough for me to see.  It stresses me out seeing a dog out in weather like this.  Espeically a dog that looks well cared for and collared. So I prayed for the dog’s safety and warmth and to get back home.  God is good.

It seems my “go-to-sleep” meds are kicking in big time so I’m off to bed now.  Cheers!



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