No, not the stationary bicycle thing at the gym.  Real spinning on a spinning wheel.  A couple of years ago, a friend and I went to Estes Park to the Wool Market.  While we were there we bought some wool roving and hand spindles for spinning.  I loved it!  I never got really good at it, but I enjoyed the heck out of it.  Little did I know, but my friend’s sister in law spins wool and other fibers, knits, crochets and weaves from the resulting yarn. 

Yesterday, I got to go over to her house and start learning how to take raw wool to finished yarn and finished project.  I even got to spin some wool on a real spinning wheel.  Ok, I totally reeked at it, but it was sooooo cool.  And, I get to come back for more lessons!  I think I’m gonna need to work some overtime and be really thrifty so I can get a for-real spinning wheel.  The are unfortunately, expensive!  Like 300-800 dollars.  Ouch!  And that doesn’t include the wool carders or the carding drum, the knitty-knoddies, the skeiners, the fleeces themselves etc.  Well, we’ll see.


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