My Hubby

We are just home from Scotland where we had a wonderful time.  I’ll be posting stories and pictures soon.  But first, I wanna talk about my hubby. 

He totally amazed me while we were in Scotland.  He totally took care of me.  This is not really the way things usually go.  Usually, it’s me taking care of him. 

I have very bad knees which give me fits and I am completely out of shape.  Now, we did a TON of walking in Scotland because we didn’t rent a car.  Scotland barely has a flat spot anywhere on it.  That means walking up and down lot of hills and climbing lots of stairs.  Most of this while carrying a backpack. 

Hubby made sure I held on to  his arm while we walked.  When we were climbing those hills he would stop and make sure I was ok, or stop to let me rest.  Coming down those same hills, he made sure to have me hang on to him because going down hill is sometimes even more treacherous than going up.  Going up and down stairs – same thing.  At one point he walked down the stairs in front of me insisting I put my hand on his shoulder so he would know where I was.  And then he did one step at a time until we were completely done. 

Everytime I had to put my backpack on he would hold it up for me like he would hold a coat for me to put on.  Then he would lift up my hair (which is very long) while I got it situated.  Then he would hold up the backpack so I could adjust the straps properly.

He totally took care of me.

What makes this so special?  Our marriage has not been all wine and roses.  In fact, there have times it has been absolute hell.  So, this kind of caring is a treasure still.  If you were to look at our marriage on a daily basis, you wouldn’t see a lot of hand holding and snuggling and other “romantic” stuff.  You would see both of us on separate computers about ten feet away from each other doing our own thing.  I have, in fact, instant messaged my hubby while sitting ten feet away from him.   Sad, but true.  Lol. 

That might be our daily lives, but whenever we go on vacation, even if it’s just camping an hour away from  home, things change.  That makes the rest of the time ok for me. Wouldn’t trade him for anything.


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