The Days Before…..

Well, we are all set.  If there is anything I don’t have for our trip, we are just s.o.l.  I picked up some British Pounds from the bank today so we would have some british cash when we landed.  Yeah, we could exchange some cash at the airport in Edinburgh, but I seriously doubt we would be in any fit condition to do monetary transactions after a flight across the pond.  I’ll be packing as much as possible this weekend so next week won’t be so crazy. Hah!  As if.

One other reason I’m getting excited about this trip is because it is an escape.  Yes, an escape.  From all the CRAP  in my life right now.  I need a break.  I need a chance to not have to and not be able to deal with anyone’s drama.  Why is it the men in my life are all drama-queens kings.  Why is it everyone looks to me to solve their problems and “make it all better”?  Done now.  Finito.  Finished.  Over it.  Moved on. Not goin there.

I haven’t posted in a while because of this.  I didn’t want this blog to become nothing more than a rant and a vent like my other one.  So, no I won’t give away much more of what’s going on.  Suffice it to say, it prompted me to post on Face book that I was irritated with God.  Yep, you heard it.  Except, just recently I moved from irritated to TOTALLY PISSED!!!!!  No, not a great thing to do to the Creator of the Universe, Saviour of my Soul, King of Kings, Alpha and Omega.  Yeah…..I’m a stupid mortal.  Thankfully, my God is way bigger than my irritation and He can handle any amount of me being pissed off.  He already knows the end and He’s just waiting for me to shut up long enough for Him to tell me the punchline.  We’re working things out, but it’s an uphill battle right now.

So, leaving the country will actually be a really good thing.  I will have ample time on planes, trains and buses to read my bible, pray, and work this stuff out with God.  I will have ample opportunities to look around me and say things like…”Wow!  This is so cool Lord!” And really mean it. 

I want to enjoy the journey as much as I plan to enjoy the arrival.  I want to experience Scotland, not just flit over it.  I want to store up things in my  heart to ponder later on.  I want to take pictures that mean things to me….regardless of how they look in a scrapbook.  I want to see and feel and smell and taste and hear everything.  I want to be the crazy American tourist with the stupid grin on her face. 

Is it time to go yet?


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