This and That

There is so much going on right now it’s hard to know where to start.  Let’s see…….

My son is in desperate need of a job.  He has quite a few good prospects, but one in particular we are really praying about.  It would mean him working at the same building as his dad and I for another branch of the same company.  It is a “Miracle From God” kind of job though….meaning it will take a miracle from God to make it happen.  I’m still praying.

Another family member has left the state, and now just a week later is wanting to come back and stay with us. Ummmmm…..I predicted it would happen I just didn’t think it would happen quite this fast.  I’ve told hubby that I will support whatever he decides on this one.  It’s not a given that it will happen mainly cuz we’re so fed up with this person.  But, family is family and this family takes care of family regardless.

I’m getting the animals ready to board at the vet’s when we go on vacation.  One step for that was getting Sengi groomed.  Poor baby!  His dad just doesn’t take quite good enough care of his coat.  He had to be completely shaved down even his ears.  Thankfully the groomer was able to leave a tuft on the end of his tail.  He’s very soft when he’s all shaved down, but he doesn’t quite look like himself.

I’m working on next year’s Breakaway retreat.  I, once again, have wonderful women to work with.  We probably will be going to a different location this year and I think it will be stunning!  Especially after the construction fiasco this year.  A little more peace and quiet would be nice.  We picked out theme of “Under Construction” which I think will be so fun to work with.

Twenty one days from right now we will be one hour into our flight from Newark to Edinburgh.  I am soooooo excited!

There’s lots more, but that’s the highlights.


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