I long for sleep.  Real, restful, continuous sleep.  I haven’t slept in two days except for a two hour nap yesterday. 

I  have insomnia to the Nth degree.  Seriously.  Every  night I take a little green pill to help me fall asleep and stay asleep.  Lately, the little green pill hasn’t been doing it’s job.  If I don’t sleep, I get migraines.  Not a fun thing let me tell ya. 

For a week I have taken my little green pill as prescribed, waited the requisite 2 to 2 1/2 hours and……no sleepiness.  Or!  I have gotten to sleep, and then something will break through the little green pill and I will wake up.  Then there is no way I will get back to sleep.  My doctor has given me an additional something to get me to sleep.  I took them both one night.  Wow!  The term “dead to the world” definately applied.  But, I really can’t do that every night.  Sigh.  God says He gives His beloved sleep (rest).  I could so use that right now.  It would also be cool to know WHY I don’t sleep.  Grrrr.


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