HeavenFest 2009

Yesterday my sister and I, and about 30,000 other people attended HeavenFest 2009.  It was hot, dusty, crowded…..and awesome!  There were eight stages set up on the grounds of Northern Hills Christian Church.  Each stage had ten or more bands playing.  From what I  heard walking around, all the bands were spectacular even in the genres I’m not fond of. 

I, however, stayed in the main stage area.  We saw Matthew West.


We also saw Seventh Day Slumber.  I had not heard muchof their music before and never in concert.  They were terrific.  Next up was Kutless.  An amazing band. 

Then came Skillet.  I’m just now getting into Skillet.  Their concert was simply Awesome!  They have incredible showmanship to go with their incredible musical abilities.  I never knew you could do hard rock on a violin or a cello.  Now I know!




Last up….Third Day.  Totally amazing.

It was such a good day my sister had to visit the First Aid trailer.  Nothing serious.  We had just sat in the sun so long and drank so much water without eating much food that her blood sugar had bottomed out.  A little koolaid and gummy bears and she was fine.


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