Monster’s Birthday

Monster turned 5 last week and her party was Saturday.  The whole family was at Mama and Dada’s house.  Big family, small house.  Lots of fun.

Pinatas are a big thing here and of course Monster had to have one. 

noelle  pinata

After a few rounds, the blind folds came off.

no more blindfold

Then cousin Jakey came in to finish it off.

cousin jakey in for the kill


candy grab

Of course there was cake.

noelle's cake

blow candles

Since Monster was busy with her cousins and her party, I got lots more pictures of Tiny enjoying her very first party.

She dressed up in a pretty green dress.

ayda in green dress

She enjoyed her taste of pizza.

ayda and pizza

And ice cream.

ice cream face

And cake for Tiny.

cake face

ayda and dada

And Dada to play with.

It was a good time.  And I can’t believe we get to do it all over again in two months for Tiny’s first birthday.  Where has the time gone?


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