Dadoo’s House

Ok, so I finally got my pictures loaded.  Here’s Monster waiting for the bus to take us to the airport.

 waiting for the bus 

We ate some lunch at the airport.  It was going to be a long wait til dinner.

lunch at airport

We hung out at the house that night and then went to an awesome park the next day.

 at the park 1

 at the park 2

at the park 3

The next day was Saturday and we went into “town” to go to farmer’s market and have lunch.  Monster wanted to wear Nana’s big gold barrette.

going shopping

 nana's barrette

with rooster

with dollhouse

You wouldn’t have known that Monster hadn’t seen her Pawpaw in over a year.

with pawpaw

ready for church

 Monster was also thrilled that there were dogs.  Here she is with Squirt and Ra-ra my sister.

with squirt

 She wasn’t so fond of my sister’s evil cat.  Although, by the end of the visit they were almost friends.

And, just cuz she’s so cute here’s some random shots of Monster.

far looking

miss stylin'

in office

in the car


 The entire time we were there she was just an angel.  I barely had any problems with her at all and those were just normal four year old things.  She loved riding in the airplane and looking at the clouds out the window.  It was  Nana and Monster’s Excellent Adventure.


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