Summer Colds

I’m sick.  Drat it all. 

I came home thinking I just had a migraine brewing, but noooooo.  Nope, I have a cold.  My head still hurts, but it’s more sinusy-migrainy.  Plus, my throat is all scratchy and coughy.  Well, at least I got it now and not next week when I’m off to Texas with a 4 year old.

Some good news.  My garden plot is growing well.  I do need to move it to a spot that will get more sunshine, but now hubby has set up a nice chicken wire fence for me.  So, moving everything is out now.  He put up the fence for me after I noticed something was nibbling on my baby lettuce plants.  I had seen a rabbit running around this winter and I suppose it survived and is now wanting to come to dinner.  Hmph.  It gets into my garden again and it will BE dinner.  Tastes like chicken!


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