Texas state fair dude

In just eight short days my granddaughter Monster and I will be off to my home state of Texas.

lone star flag

Ah, Texas.  I love it all.  From El Paso to Brownsville, from Houston to Dallas, from Cut & Shoot to Dumas. 

Ok, so I’m not so fond of the big cities.  I do love the small towns.  I’ve lived in a few – Spring (before it exploded being so close to Houston), Tomball, Huntington, Lufkin, Nacodoches.  Then there’s Livingston, Mt. Pleasant, Henderson, St. Augustine, Tenaha (which made the news lately in a bad way), and where Daddy lives – Sulphur Springs.  No that’s not a misspelling. 

I know I’m home when waitresses ask “Smoking or Non-smoking?”.  I know I’m home when waitresses ask “Would you like sweet tea?”.  I’m so bummed I now have to say no. ( Oh, and the proper way to make sweet tea is to make a sugar syrup first – 1 cup sugar to 1 cup water, heat on the stove til sugar melts and the water turns clear, do not boil.  Add this to freshly brewed tea, add ice and cold water to fill 1 gallon pitcher. ) When men tip their cowboy hats to a lady to be polite, I’m home.  When cowboy boots are scuffed and properly manured – not shined up except for church, I’m home. When I hear “Yes, m’am” with absolutely no sarcasm and no thought at all, I’m home. Sigh, when the Music Minister announces from the pulpit “We will now sing hymn 322, verses 1,2 and last”, I know I’m home.  Oh well, at least I only have to do that once while we’re there and a few hymns never hurt anyone.

I can’t wait!!!


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