I’m obsessed with traveling light and travel products!  Especially small and lightweight travel products. 

I mentioned in a previous post that I was getting Rick Steve’s backpacks for our trip to Scotland.  One of the reasons for that is because hubby really doesn’t have a suitcase to speak of that doesn’t have duct tape on it somewhere.  The other reason is it gives us the option of carrying on all of our stuff or checking the main backpack and just carrying on smaller flight packs.  Oh, did I mention they came in?  Yay!!!

Anyway, the backpacks are obviously carry on sized, so whatever we pack has to fit in that small space.  I’m not going to have enough room for full-sized anything.  I found this great site several years ago for a company that specializes in travel sized products of all kinds. 


Anyway, I found things like really small spray bottles of wrinkle releaser, hair spray, gel, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste -all the things you want to take with you.  But, instead of the limited selections at Wallyworld or the grocery stores this site just about has it all and then some.  If a product comes in a travel size they probably have it. They also have travel sized OTC medicines like you find in convenience stores and even single serving food items.

I’m tempted to go ahead and order a few things so they can be here before my trip with Monster to Texas.  I’ve decided to get solid shampoo bars, odor eliminator spray, a handheld sudoku game (it’s lighter than the books)and some other toiletry stuff.   I don’t really need them for the trip to Texas cuz Southwest still does free checked bags and I am definately going to check our bags. 

Now about that obsession with packing light.  I know I can’t physically haul around a huge backpack for very long so I have to keep mine as light as possible.  I’m aiming for 20 pounds or less.  I “practice packed” for my trip to Texas today and my bag came in at 14 pounds.  It wasn’t totally packed and I did have tennis shoes in there which I won’t be taking to Scotland.  I’m also taking way more clothes to Texas than I am to Scotland.  I think I will be ok on the weight issue for Scotland.  If I go over my self-imposed weight limit getting to Texas, it should still be ok cuz I won’t have to lug anything too far.


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