Anyone who know me well knows I love music.  I was raised that way.  My mom always had the radio on in the car, she sang with a Sweet Adelines group (women’s barbershop choir), she also sang and competed in quartets, she played piano, I was in choir in church, I was in girl’s ensemble at church, I played clarinet and bass clarinet for six years, I was in grown up church choirs as an adult.  Whew!  I’ve always been surrounded by music. 

When I finally broke down and bought a really cheap mp3 player I was so happy.  Finally, a way to carry around all my favorite songs without lugging huge cd cases.  I love that mine runs on batteries so I don’t  have to wait for it to recharge, or remember to recharge it (I can’t even seem to remember to charge my cell phone).  I just have to carry one small AAA battery and keep one in my desk drawer at work. 

I’m fairly eclectic in my musical tastes.  Pretty much the only thing I don’t care for is jazz.  Yuck! I can even handle rap.  So, my mp3 player is loaded with full cd’s of Mozart and Beethoven, Strauss and Handel, alongside Casting Crowns and the “Footloose” soundtrack.  Among other things like Jeremy Camp, Building 429, Mercy Me, Rush of Fools, Newsboys.  Oh yeah, did I mention I really, really love contemporary Christian music? 

So, last night on my evening foray to Wallyworld I was on a mission to see if Wallyworld actually carried any contemporary Christian music.  Ummm…..well……kind of.  While I certainly won’t be going there to find something brand  spanking new in the Christian music world I did find the cd I was wanting and another one I didn’t think I had a hope of finding.  Ok, I was shocked I found either of them really.  But!  I found Chris Tomlin’s “Hello Love” and Brandon Heath’s “What If We” cds.  I was so phsyched!  I’ve been hearing Chris Tomlin’s “I Will Rise” pretty frequently on the radio and of course the radio folks were playing “Jesus Messiah” pretty frequently before that. So I decided that was two songs I really liked, so it warranted buying the album.  Oops!  I just so dated myself.  Of course I meant buying the cd, not the album, cuz I can’t be old enough to remember albums.  As usual, now that I have the cd I’m finding other songs that I like that will  never make it on the radio.  Such a shame that. 

I am gonna load both of these up onto my mp3 tonight and tomorrow I will find my day flying by as I listen to my new tunes.


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