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Finally!  The beets, beans, and turnip greens are breaking the surface.  I was afraid they wouldn’t.  I am still concerned about the cucumbers, but I can’t remember how long they take to germinate.  I’ve been pretty good on the watering, but it looks like these last two days of rain have been really good for everything.  Three of my tomato plants have flowers, the letuce and spinach continue to come up.  It is actually time to plant more lettuce and beans and probably the turnips if I’m gonna do any of those this year.  Maybe I’ll do another tray of cucumbers too. 

The grass seed hubby planted is taking off like crazy!  We’ve never had grass seed actually produce like this stuff has.  He even dug up another patch of bare ground and seeded some more…. today….in the rain.  Silly man.


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  1. J
    Jun 05, 2009 @ 19:13:52

    Yes, I’d say I have tired of the overcast and the rain, except that it is making the gardens and grass so very happy. Reward enough.


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