Still Planning

I’ve been doing a lot of trip planning lately and thankfully I am getting close to the finish.  Hubby got his birth certificate in the mail so he can get his passport.  I have confirmations for accommodations in Stirling and Mallaig.  I still need to choose a hotel in Ediburgh.  I ordered new clothes for hubby from Cabelas and Wallyworld.  He’s a little particular about the pants he wears and they are getting harder to find, hence the ordering.  I also ordered our backpacks from RickSteves.  They are on sale, but still way more expensive than a common rolling carry-on bag.  Deal is though that we may have to manuever over cobblestones and wheelie bags don’t do that well.  Plus hauling a wheelie bag onto a train can be tricky. So, I have ordered carry-on sized backpacks that can be carried a variety of ways. We may not actually carry then on the plane, but they are sized for that if we want.  I’m actually thinking I’ll use my daypack for the plane and just redistribute stuff when we get to Edinburgh.

ricksteves backpack

I have written and re-written my packing lists at least three times so far.  I’m trying to pare it down to the essentials without sacrificing anything.  We did decide not to take a laptop.  Besides the expense, trying to keep up with it and haul it around just didn’t seem worth it.  That means my blog will be silent until we get back unless I find an internet cafe and have time to use it.  I’ll just take several memory cards for the camera and write out my daily blog posts on paper til we get back. 

Work is still bizaare, but not too horrible.  The girls are adorable as always.  Hubby is amazing.  The kid is the kid.  Life is busy and crazy, but good.


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