Garden Update

Yesterday I planted beets, bush beans, turnip greens, and cucumbers. 

beets, beans, cukes, greens

Hubby made me move them from the nice sunny spot under the tree cuz the dogs like to lay there.  Pppffffrrrrttt!!!  And yer point?  Fine.  I moved them to the back fence with the other stuff.

When I checked the other stuff I found lettuce sprouting!!  Woo hoo! 

lettuce sprouting

I am so psyched! I truly wasn’t sure it was going to grow.  And don’t fuss at me cuz I planted too many seeds too close together.  Have you ever tried planting lettuce seeds?! Oh my. 

The tomatoes are still doing well and the spinach has one shoot coming up so far.  I still have turnips and peas to plant and probably more trays of lettuce and spinach.

I do have a few other things in my yard.  In the backyard I have one of my lilac bushes.

lilac bush 1

I also have a huge plot of hens-and-chickens that I swear will NOT die.  Snow, heat, drought – they just keep coming back and thriving.  I don’t even try to mess with them and do just fine.

hens and chickens

In the curve of the front fence line is my second Lilac bush.

lilac bush 2

In the very front are two evergreen bushes and a sand cherry tree.  I’m not sure it’s gonna make it.  Hubby keeps forgetting to water things in the winter.  One reason we have trees that need cut back so they can start over.

sand cherry

Along the outside of the fence by the driveway I have irises.  I’m thinking I really need to thin them out.  These are usually purple, but last  year I had a couple small yellow ones as well.


One of the selling points of the house for me was the landscaping that had already been done.  Trees, bushes, bulbs,  a few perennials and rose bushes.  Nothing really fancy or special maybe, but all things that I didn’t have to do myself and that I have a hard time killing.  That means a lot up here.  I can’t seem to grow dirt up here.  I even kill cacti.  Now that’s a feat.  So, my garden growing is making me giddy.  Let’s hope I can keep it up to actually get a harvest.


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