maya 2

This is my girl.  She is a Chihuahua mix from the pound.  We’re still not sure what the mix is.  Beagle has been suggested.  We think maybe Raccoon from the way she used her paws to hold on to things.  My son picked her out for me after I had to have Abby put down from distemper.  My husband and my son were more adamant about me getting another dog than I was.  I had only had Abby for three weeks and she had been sick the whole time so I hadn’t gotten a good attachment for her  I guess.  Anyway, my son went to the pound and took pictures with his phone of dogs he thought I would like.  I decided on this one.  He once again made the trip to the pound first thing in the morning when she was officially up for adoption.  She was only 6 months old at the time so she would have gone fast. It took almost a week for  her to be released to me.  She was very skittish at first.  We’re not sure what her situation was before she came to us, but there was some training and some abuse.  It’s taken her awhile, but now she will let hubby flop her on her back to rub her tummy.  She will let you pick her up for hugs.  She sleeps under the covers with me.  She LOVES to play.  She will bring a rope toy up and prop it on your leg until you throw it for her.  She will grab a squeeky toy and sit next to you and squeek it every few seconds until you throw it for her.  She will burrow her head under a blanket and yip at you (or Sengi) until you play with her.

She knows I’m safe.  At the vet her favorite place is in my arms up on my chest.  I have to have her taken to the back if the vet has to do anything like a shot so she will be calm.  If I’m there she’s lunging up my chest.  She is my baby.  Fortunately, she’s equal opportunity and loves hubby just as much. 

She is still skittish and neurotic, but knows we love her and she is safe with us.  Sengi is her ground.  When Sengi goes to get groomed, Maya is sure the world has stopped revolving until he comes back. She is almost unconsolable. When we have had to board the dogs, we insist they are kenneled together.  Otherwise she would go beserk. 

She is epileptic and needs to take medicine daily.  She hasn’t had too many seizures that we know of, and the vet says they don’t hurt when she does, but they sure scare the daylights out of us.

She’s mine and I love her.  I’m glad my husband and my son insisted I get another dog.

dogs sleeping


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